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Saxophone Lessons Brisbane | Lessons in Your Home

Brisbane Saxophone Lessons – Learn in Your Own Home

Want Brisbane saxophone lessons without the hassle of leaving home?

At Aeolian Music Academy, your saxophone tutor will come to you!

Only $38 per lesson

What to Expect

  • Personalised lessons with music chosen based on your interests and goals
  • Experienced, university-qualified tutors with pedagogical training
  • Lessons in your own Brisbane home (or selected schools)
  • Comprehensive learning to help you master all the relevant skills
  • Lessons for all levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students
  • Proven teaching techniques to keep you constantly progressing
  • Fun and progressive lessons

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More About Learning Saxophone with Aeolian

The saxophone is a unique woodwind instrument that fits into a diverse range of genres and styles. As a saxophonist, you can play as a soloist or join in with jazz bands, wind ensembles, concert bands, and more. Whatever your goals may be, your Brisbane saxophone lessons will be tailored to your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Aeolian Music Academy provides saxophone lessons for all ages. You or your child can learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

If this is the first time you or your child have picked up a saxophone, your tutor will take the time to teach you about the instrument, its parts, and how to put it together. Then you’ll discuss breathing and have a go at making your first notes. From there, it’s onwards and upwards as you learn to play your chosen music and genres.

For experienced saxophonists, your tutor will gauge where you’re at so you can hit the ground running with your saxophone lessons. You’ll improve your musical knowledge and performance as you work on every aspect of saxophone playing, from posture to pitch, intonation to articulation, improvisation to sight-reading, and everything in between.

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