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Music Lessons at AMAcademy

Brisbane Music Lessons

Offering one-on-one Brisbane music lessons in your own home, Aeolian Music Academy makes learning music easier and more convenient than ever before!

We offer piano, singing, guitar, and music theory lessons for kids and adults across Brisbane.

Our programs are always expanding, so keep your eye out for new instruments in the coming months.

Piano Lessons

With personalised piano lessons to suit your interests, experience, and goals, learning to play the piano couldn’t be more fun. We help you master the fundamentals so you can begin playing all your favourite pieces.

Singing Lessons

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to sing, now’s the time to start. Our qualified voice tutors will help you discover your voice and teach you exactly what you can do with it as you learn to sing your favourite tunes.

Violin & Viola

The violin and viola are challenging but rewarding instruments that open the doors to a range of musical experiences – including orchestral playing. Learn violin or viola in your own home with Aeolian Music Academy.

Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone is a versatile instrument that’s right at home in a number of different genres and ensembles. Whether you want to play with a band or embark on a solo career, we can help with saxophone lessons in your home. Click to learn more

Guitar Lessons

Whatever your guitar playing goals may be, our experienced guitar tutors can help you reach them. Learn acoustic or electric guitar in your own home, with a focus on your chosen styles/genres.

Music Theory

Whether you want to sharpen your skills for a school assignment, sit an AMEB exam, learn to compose, or take your musical understanding and knowledge to the next level, we have the right music theory lessons for you.

Adult Lessons

Music lessons aren’t just for kids – they’re for adults too. Our music tutors help you prove it’s never too late to learn, with personalised, goal-oriented music lessons in your own home. Getting started is easy.

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