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About AMAcademy

About Aeolian Music Academy

Since our founding in 1998, Aeolian Music Academy has dedicated itself to providing fun, affordable, and personal lessons to budding musicians throughout Brisbane. The love of music is at our core, with each and every one of our tutors having experience as teachers and artists.

We teach people of all ages and experience because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to sing and play, no matter what their background or preferred style. This is our guiding principle, and this sits at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you want to be a performer, a composer, or just want to make music, we're here to help you reach your dreams, so contact us today.

Our Philosophy

  • You're Our Focus
    We help you to become the musician you want to be, and tailor our lessons to help you learn the music you want to learn

  • We're Here to Help
    We'll help you set goals and reach them, so you're always growing and improving

  • We Know Music
    Our tutors will always be experienced musicians, and people who understand both the practice and joy of making music, so they can pass this on to you

  • We're For Family
    Music should always be shared, and we make sure we involve parents in their children's education, so they can also offer support and guidance

Our Values

  • Exceptional Teaching
    With a mix of the latest innovations and tried-and-true teaching tools, our teachers have the skills to get their students interested in learning, while staying accountable to the goals they've set

  • Customer Service
    We're always working to provide excellent customer service, so you have the best experience with our academy

  • Teachers Who Learn
    We encourage our staff to grow as musicians and tutors, and to embrace new avenues of learning to provide the most well-rounded education to their students

Our Tutors

  • Qualifications
    Your tutor will always have the relevant musical qualifications, as well as ample teaching experience

  • Working With Children
    Safety is our first priority, and every tutor must have a current Blue Card to work with children

  • Experience
    Our tutors are all passionate musicians with a wide range of professional and personal experience

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